D, Citroën C5I Kombi 2.2HDI
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Having had my new C5 for a couple of weeks now, and done about 600 miles in it, I thought I'd jot down some impressions.

Apologies in the following if I mention the words 'compared to the Passat'- it's just that I had a Passat SE estate 1.9TDI (130PS) earlier this year. I only had it for 6 weeks before it got written off (not me driving!), and due to the twists of the leasing company's pricing policy couldn't have another. I was keen on C5 anyway so it was an easy choice to go for the C5 instead. But that's why in my mind I find myself comapring the C5 to the Passat (which was a car I liked a lot) - just so you know.

My C5
2.2 HDi estate, Exclusive, UK model, silver, with 'parking assistance pack'. Built 17 June 2002 in Rennes la Janais.

General comments
I'm pleased to say that (so far anyway) the car has been trouble free. Everything seems to work as it should and (with the minor exception of climate control fan whistle) doesn't seem to exhibit any of the faults that people have experienced and discussed on this group.

Therefore if anything in the list of specific points sounds critical, it is generally niggly points of design rather than faults.

Specific points

Ride and handling is excellent, as I would have hoped for! Initially engine was disappointing. Felt lifeless compared to the (significantly more economical) Passat engine of equivalent power. I sense that it is getting better as it runs in, and now feels more lively to drive, but perhaps still doesn't give the feeling of power that the Passat had. Perhaps I'll reserve judgement on that one.

Interior is dissapointingly dull. I like the interior styling, and quality of materials seems good. I also think the 'moara' cloth looks nice. But in the grey finish which comes with the silver exterior it's just all rather... well... grey! perhaps a darker grey, or even black, would look smarter and less drab. It's surprising how much it detracts from the otherwise well designed interior.

Cruise control seems to lack what I would call a 'set' function. Both buttons marked 'set' actually work as 'resume' once the system has been used once. In other words there is no way to tell it to 'ignore the last set speed I was using and now use my current speed instead'. You have to resume to your previous set speed and then ramp up/down using the +/- buttons. That's a pain if you had been previously using it to keep to a 30mph speed limit and now want to use it on the motorway. Switching it off an on doesn't seem to lose the prvious set speed. The only way to clear the set speed is switching the ignition off.

Electrochrome rear-view mirror. Why does it need an on/off switch, and an LED to tell you it's on? Why would you ever want to switch it off? The LED is just distracting. I think I'm going to cover it up! The Passat version was very effective and had no switches or LEDs.

There is an irritating very high pitched whistle most of the time. I think this is the climate control fan as people have previously discussed in this group, as the noise goes away if I manually reduce the fan speed. People have mentioned a fix - does anyone have details so that I can challenge my dealer if he claims to know nothing about the problem!

Xenon headlights are disappointing. The Passat had fantastic bi-xenon lights, which were projector lamps using a single xenon bulb in each lamp for dipped and mainbeam. The light was very even and uniform, and amazingly bright on mainbeam. The light given by the C5 lamps, while having the whiteness of xenon (for dipped only) is untidy. The upper edge of the lit area is ragged and the pool of light cast on the road is slightly uneven (you notice if the light bounces slightly). On top of this the lamps cast very uneven patterns on walls or hedges to the left hand side (nearside), including what looks like a very bright worm! I suppose the light is perfectly adequate for driving, it is just that the untidyness irritates me, especially after the Passat lights. If it was a cost option, I would still pay the UKP 800 or so for the Passat lamps but would not pay UKP 2-300 for the C5 ones.

The rear parking sensor seems to sense out to the sides slightly too much. If you reverse up alongside a wall the beeper beeps.The car is much less manouverable than the Passat. Although only slightly longer it seems to have a much bigger turning circle.

I'm not convinced about the automatic headlights, and may soon turn them off. It's not that Citroen have implemented them badly, it's just that I'm not sure you can mimic the way a human uses the lights in an automatic way. I was exiting a multi-story car park last week and the exit ramp was a spiral down on the outside edge of the building. Every loop of the spiral was half in the building and half outside, and true to spec my C5 kept turing the lights on and off on each loop. What the car in front thought I don't know! My route to work takes me along a tree lined main road and there's one particularly overhung stretch where the C5 always turns the lights on (thinking it is a tunnel presumeably). Again it probably looks wierd to the car in front. When I start up the car in the petrol garage after filling up the lights come on, only to go off 10 seconds later as I leave. All of these are situations where under manual control I would do it differently. To a small degree the functionality might be improved if after any automatic operation of the lights they stayed on for, say, 10 seconds after the system thinks they should be turned off, and then turn off if the system hasn't detected a need to turn them back on. I do also find that when dusk looms the lights seem to come on about 15 minutes after I would naturally turn my lights on.

I like the ability to control the windows from the plip. However it seems a shame that the second opening position is only a bit more open than the first position. I would prefer the ability to open the windows completely.

C5 is a very nice car. Very comfortable ride and very 'easy' to drive. However it is not an exciting car. The Passat made me want to get in and drive it. The C5 doesn't, though when I need to use it I'm happy with it and in many ways really like it. If I had to pick on the biggest factor in this it would actually probably be the rather drab interior - the acres of grey I see in front of me as I drive. Funny how much difference things like that can make!

Functionally Passat seemed to do exactly what I expected or wanted. I never found myself saying 'I wouldn't have designed it like that'. Occasionally it even exceeded my expectations. C5 occasionally irritates me in smaller details of its design, as I've listed above. Things are not wrong, they are just not quite how I would like them!

So I am very happy with my car, and would have no problem recommending it to other people. But I am not 'wowed' by it.

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Roland Wenzel05.08.02